[ LIVE Bellator 250 ] Douglas Lima vs Gegard Mousasi Live Stream Online Now :: ( LIVE Full Fight)

MMA Fighting has Bellator 250 results for Thursday’s fight card from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn.

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In the main event, former Bellator middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi will square off against Bellator welterweight champion Douglas Lima for the vacant Bellator middleweight title.

Brandon Girtz will face Henry Corrales In a featherweight contest in the co-main event.

A flyweight bout between Veta Arteaga and Desiree Yanez, and a lightweight bout between Nick Newell and Zach Zane have been canceled after Arteaga and Newell were not medically cleared to compete.

Get Bellator 250 results below.

Gegard Mousasi vs. Douglas Lima

Brandon Girtz vs. Henry Corrales

Dalton Rosta vs. Ty Gwerder

Prelims (MMA Fighting at 6 p.m. ET)

Jake Hager vs. Brandon Calton

Sabah Homasi vs. Bobby Voelker

Nick Newell vs. Zach Zane

Johnny Eblen vs. Taylor Johnson

Adam Borics vs. Erick Sanchez

Cody Law vs. Orlando Ortega

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